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“Out Of Orbit” is an online creative studio. Our mission is to give your projects a creative and professional boost through exciting and original designs. To this end, we offer quality services, competitive prices and a great commitment to our customers’ satisfaction.

Get Somewhere Different. 

Get Somewhere Beyond.  

Out Of Orbit® Team

The results exceeded my expectations, even with the problems raised because of the scale and detail of the project. Impeccable delivery deadlines and reliability, in addition to an excellent project guidance. When neccessary, I know who I am calling!

I.P. [Student]

I enjoyed a lot working with Félix due to his reliability, diligence and cordiality. He did the 3D Model and the renderings in very tight deadlines and he took always the right choice. His work was amazing and I will recommend him to my future colleagues, ingeniers and architects. Congratulations!

Sara Bossini [Student]

The work developed with us was all-round and thorough; creating drawings, computer graphics and visualizations, among other tasks. Great organisational skills, always paying special attention to each project’s needs. Highly recommended!

n’ onA d.o.o. [Architectural Office]

Our new book collection needed unity and distinction. The resulting book covers have been a complete success. We count on you for our next publications!

Academia Félix [Education Academy]

Our online collaboration has been constant and fluent during the entire project. We have worked together and individually, finishing our tasks on time. Despite not winning the competition, I really loved the project submitted!

Francisco S. [Junior Architect]

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