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“Out Of Orbit” is an online creative studio with international scope and multidisciplinary approach created in 2018 by Félix Nieto – Architect & 3D Artist. It is a freelance project focused on providing hq design services wherever you are. For this reason, we work online, offering solutions for private clients and other professionals. At present, our services are divided in 4 categories: 3D & Virtual Reality / Graphic and Layout Design / Web Design / Collaboration in Architecture & Design.

Our vision as an all-round studio and the technological progress allow us to continue growing as professionals, expanding services to other design areas. We are always improving our work in order to offer the best experience to our clients. In the Services area you will find those that are currently available. Follow us on social media so you can stay updated and contact us with any question you may have:


“Out Of Orbit” means get going, being ready to leave your comfort zone and start exploring in order to discover how far you can go. Our mission is to give your projects a creative and professional boost through exciting and original designs. With our creations and services we want to help you achieve your goals.

For us, each project involves a new creative and technical challenge. As design professionals, we put technology at the service of ideas and creativity, developing consistent, functional and contextualized designs. Please, check the Working Process section for more information.

There is nothing better than a job well done and a happy customer!

Why Us?

We know that every client is unique. We really care about creating the best product for your specific needs and goals during the whole working process. We listen to you and we pay attention to every single detail of the project, achieving great quality and customized results.

We work hard. We are never satisfied with mediocrity and we are always improving our skills. We are part of your team, we work along with other professionals and we are resourceful. We can offer you everything – or almost everything – you may need to get what you want.

We are as committed with our clients as we are with our designs. Your satisfaction is essential for us. You will get the job done on time and as agreed.

We help people with ideas. We help people like you.

Welcome to OOO Creative Studio.

Get Somewhere Different.

Get Somewhere Beyond.