We all have been students and we know how stressful it can be… It doesn’t matter how well you have planned your work, in the end you always find yourself working on different individual projects, teamwork meetings and trying to find some time to study for the finals. However, we can help you with our services!

  • Project Advice.

Don’t know where to start your new project? You have a great idea but you can’t find similar projects or references? Do you need to check your ideas before showing them in class? We help you with your concept design. We will look for similar projects, advising you during the design process according to context, form and function.

  • ACAD Drawings.

Do you have some drawings to finish but you don’t have time? Do you have to clean up some drawings or to include measurements? Did you solve your floor plans but need help with sections? We help you with drawings and we leave them ready to print.

  • Computer Graphics.

You don’t know how to explain your project? Do you want to add textures, shadows and colors to your drawings but you never have enough time? We create conceptual schemes that will describe graphically your idea. We improve your drawings exploring the full potential of your project making it more appealing.

  • 3D Modelling.

We can offer you two types of 3D modelling services. The first one is creating a basic virtual model where you can test your idea, scale, size, vision,… Then, you can continue developing your concept idea based on what you visualized in 3D or just take another path. You will save time and money compared to physical models.

The second service consists in creating a precise 3D model based on the final drawings of your project. It can be an object or an architectural space. Maybe you are interested in both services, so do not worry, we can help you!

  • Rendering & Post-Production.

Do you already have a 3D model but you want a render? Do you need to try different materials in your design? Do you want high quality visualizations for your final project? If you have your 3D ready – and according to our standards – we will create the scene and materials producing unique renderings for you. If you don’t, we wil create the 3d model and the rest of the things that your project would need to succeed.

  • Layout & Presentations.

You have all the graphics but you don’t have time for the layout design? You need to do a presentation but you don’t know how to organize the info, text font, scale,…? We help you take the best decisions to distribute the information in a logic, clear and organized way.

  • Competitions.

If you want to participate in a competition and you need some help, contact us and explain how could we help you. We can offer you the services explained above or maybe reach an agreement of collaboration.


  1. Every single project is different. Please, explain what you need and we will create a personalized quote for you. It is essential that you send us reference images so we can clarify what you have in mind. We read and respond to every single email we receive. Do not be shy if you have any question!
  2. Hiring us is not “cheating”. Everyone has somebody: an architect cousin, an older university friend or your neighbour. We are here to support you.
  3. We need you to understand that we do NOT do your projects for you. We guide you so you can continue learning at your own pace. Of course, we make your life easier by reducing your workload while doing it.

Do you already know what you want? Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us!